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Bonding, Welding, Joining

Adhesive bonding, welding & joining problems are wide-spread throughout industry particularly applications involving “tough to stick to” plastics, elastomers/rubbers, coatings and films.  

The Sabreen Group achieves outstanding success solving complex 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional bonding problems using our advanced technologies and Six Sigma process methods. We develop innovative solutions for a broad spectrum of applications including jet aircraft fighters, medical, automotive, electronics, consumer products and more. One of our patented processes was employed to manufacture “smart bomb” weapon systems during Operation Desert Storm, and continues to be used as a standard of bonding excellence for military and NASA applications. Another technology enables exceptional waterborne coating adhesion performance on polyolefin products for exterior housing applications.

The Sabreen Group experts design and integrate robust, cost effective bonding solutions for applications including:

  • Adhesives & Sealants to Plastic

  • Plastic to Plastic

  • Plastics to Elastomers & Rubbers

  • Printing Inks to Plastic

  • Paints & Coatings to Plastic

  • Metals & Plating to Plastic

For specialized material surfaces, our 3-dimensional Surface Pretreatments provide total process solutions for non wettable (hydrophobic) substrates. Additional areas of expertise include laser welding, ultrasonics, RF/electromagnetic, and high performance tape bonding systems.