Corporate Profile

SABREEN'S 26th Year Anniversary
Our History Paves Our Forward Vision

In 1992, a new voice was heard in the field of secondary plastics manufacturing. This was exciting because what it represented was in a field in which there was limited independent engineering process knowledge; therefore little interest and development. This phenomenon which dramatically and permanently changed one area of engineering is an old-fashioned tale of American ingenuity. When Scott Sabreen started SABREEN, his vision was to provide companies with state of the art technologies, while at the same time, performing his services with integrity. Starting with meager funding, The Sabreen Group with a dream and approach that would not fade, has grown into a global engineering firm of 23 experts who are world famous in their fields of expertise.

There were no businesses that had the expertise to implement solutions in secondary plastic manufacturing in 1992, manufacturers could  not afford to employ, on the off chance of success, engineers for long term research and development. In that year, manufacturers never envisioned the possibilities available in color laser marking on plastics; advanced adhesive surface pretreatments/bonding performance and special decorating techniques that can now be achieved in Six-Sigma manufacturing.

The success of SABREEN is not about Scott Sabreen, but rather the opportunity to solve problems with high performance teams so that industry can better achieve its goals in the marketplace; be profitable; and offer its customers quality at the lowest cost possible.  This has been accomplished worldwide for companies doing business with SABREEN. Through the concerted efforts of our experts working hand-in-hand with world-class companies, solutions have been sought and, without exception, every project undertaken has been completed with 100% success.

Global Commitment - Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

The Sabreen Group believes that our greatest gift is the majestic beauty of our planet.  To preserve what is rapidly being depleted, we have committed to help sponsor the 37 tigers and other members of the large cat community housed at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge, located at Tyler, Texas.  Each of the animals has a background of abuse and maltreatment.  Facing death or a miserable existence without this sanctuary, they are now able to live their remaining time in safety.  All of their requirements are met humanely and with love.  With this action, The Sabreen Group continues the same ethos that we exercise daily in business to meet, in some measure, the needs of the world community. The names of the tigers we sponsor are Lily (Siberian tiger) and Piffer (Indochinese tiger).


Technology Innovations:

Patent Pending VectorJet® Laser Marking Technology achieves unprecedented “dark-on-light” contrast and speed on many plastics, including Acetal POM, that could not have previously been marked. This breakthrough enables robust machine vision codes, alphanumeric text, micro-marking 0.020” (0.5mm) and smaller, graphics, logos and schematic diagrams. Actual results below:   


United States Patent for “Corona Charging of Plastic and Apparatus Therefor”. A gas phase surface oxidation process for pre treating discreet isolated 3-dimensional surfaces to solve adhesive bonding problems via enhancing surface wetting. This invention, used to manufacture electronic components significantly improved performance and reliability of electronic interconnect systems and other avionic devices.


Incorporating SABREEN'S patented technology for advanced surface pretreatment and adhesive bonding of engineering thermoplastics, electronic manufacturers first employed in manufacturing “smart” missiles during Operation Desert Storm. Additionally, the first of its kind laser enhancing material additives were used to optimize laser marking contrast. These technologies are adopted by aerospace and NASA for manufacturing quality standards

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical introduced the first consumer-designed ORTHO PERSONAL PAK™ collection of fashionably discreet birth control carrying cases. Eight unique designs were created. Retained by Ortho-McNeil,
SABREEN was part of a revolutionary design, molding and manufacturing team of experts. PERSONAL PAK™ received numerous awards including Pharmaceutical product of the year.

Under-the-cap laser marking of linerless beverage closures for advertising and random promotional gaming. SABREEN was the original company (in conjunction with M.A.Hanna & Precision Valve) to develop the material science & laser processes. Under-the-cap laser marking of linerless closures is state-of-the-art. The laser additive and laser process are the first FDA approved of its kind (BASF, formally Engelhard, retained SABREEN to develop the critical laser process). These breakthroughs lower manufacturing costs by eliminating traditional compression molded liners.


Developed surface pretreatments and advanced bonding process technology for joining chemically inert dissimilar materials to encapsulate the explosive charge mechanism in jet fighter canopy systems. This Six-Sigma process provides critical quality control to ensure 100% successful pilot/canopy ejection.

Indelible laser marking of polymeric animal tags that enables accurate identification and monitoring of livestock. SABREEN was instrumental in providing advanced material formulations and laser process knowledge that yields high contrast and fast marking speed for unique ID numbers and machine vision codes, data matrix and barcode. Universal scanners can read ISO compliant electronic ID devices. This technology replaced hot stamping and the labor costs associated with die-set type and & foil changes.  


Backlit panels, displays, and radio buttons collectively known in industry as “Paint & Laser Ablation”. SABREEN provides its customers with advance techniques for robust manufacturing including optimal paint color coatings, spray-atomization, curing, automation, and multi-pass laser ablation necessary for this close tolerance process application. Paint & laser is used in aerospace, automotive and commercial products.

Pharmaceutical coating controlled-release manufacturing processes. SABREEN'S Pharma experts were successful in determining critical factors affecting control-release coating problems. This work was conducted in collaboration with a major pharmaceutical company that was actively instituting Six-Sigma quality practices and known for their world-class products and manufacturing.


High contrast & color laser marking on thermoplastics. Retained by many colorant, compounding, and additive companies, SABREEN utilized its laser process and material science formulation knowledge to provide unique laser marking solutions. Through our collaborative efforts, our world-wide clients earned many patents. 

Direct laser marking of computer keycaps/keyboards. Laser enhancing additives incorporated into the resin-colorant optimize marking contrast to meet TUV/DIN industry standards.
SABREEN utilized its first generation material science developments that were used in laser marking electronic devices. A fully-assembled 101-piece keyboard is marked in less than 20 seconds. Laser marking replaces traditional pad-printing which required inks, chemicals, cliché plates, 101 silicone pads and heat curing.


Many of our early client relationships remain strong after 18 years of mutual successes. Started in the last decade of the 20th century, SABREEN expects to achieve dynamic new innovations in the technologies that now exist and will continue innovating new concepts not now dreamed of. Scott Sabreen and SABREEN’S credo is that when one has been given much; much should be given back to the industry.