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Patent Pending VECTORJET® Laser Marking is a quantum leap in direct plastics laser marking that is both enabling and cost-saving.  VECTORJET® Technology is gaining widespread interest because it achieves superior contrast quality and speed versus conventional Nd:YAG lasers of comparable power, while the VECTORJET® equipment costs less.  VECTORJET® Technology reduces total part marking costs and does not require recurring expensive consumables that are necessary for pad-screen printing, inkjet, adhesive labels and other traditional non-permanent printing processes.  VECTORJET® Laser Marking produces ultra-fine line uniformity and high fidelity contrast which results in less expensive machine-vision read-verification equipment for barcode, data matrix/UID and less manufacturing scrap due to non-readable codes.  Easy technician setup and unlimited graphics capabilities of alphanumeric text, any font styles, logos, schematics, diagrams, etc., streamline production operations and increases profitability.

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WO2010D11227 A1

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July 25, 2008

Scott R. Sabreen


The Sabreen Group is a global engineering company specializing in developing and implementing turnkey Six Sigma laser marking manufacturing systems for plastics, metals and other substrates. We bring “Total Solutions” encompassing the newest generation of laser optimized material science, laser technology and systems integration. Our scientific knowledge of laser additives, polymer science and primary molding operations distinguish The Sabreen Group from equipment manufacturers.

Since 1992, our laser technologies are utilized to provide our clients superior marking quality and speed advantages. The Sabreen Group’s laser processes are presently used in aerospace, automotive, animal identification, electronics, medical packaging, product security and many other industrial and consumer applications for producing the highest contrast for light-on-dark, dark-on-light, custom colors, and Daytime/Nighttime laser etching.

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